I'm so happy you're here!My mission is to create branding that grows with you and gives you a strong foundation on which to thrive!

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When I first started Paper Cranes Media, it was a social media management company. I had always wanted to learn design but was so intimidated by it. I decided to take some classes and conquer my fears and fell head over heels in love! Something just clicked and I knew branding and web design was my dream job. Now, I get to help others bring their dream-jobs into the online space and gain the confidence they need to grow and prosper. Great design, thoughtful brand strategy, and a killer website set your business up to thrive like never before! 

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I'm Leah! The Human behind Paper Cranes Media. Here are a few fun things to know about me

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City Of Girls

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Evermore: Taylor Swift

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Paddle-boarding, DIY projects

- The Connection Lab

"I just cried, you hit the nail on the head! It was so perfect!

- Emily N.

"Leah’s work was so efficient and she took time to understand what I really wanted out of my resume. She sent me multiple examples and was extremely responsive whenever I had any changes or additions that I wanted to make. I was thrilled with her work & would highly recommend contacting her with any design needs!"

- The Connection Lab

"I just cried, you hit the nail on the head! It was so perfect!

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We're kind of obsessed with instagram.. come on down